Marc O'Polo


Corporate Philosophy 
Marc O'Polo is synonymous with a casual urban lifestyle for discerning people. The focus on natural materials is in keeping with the brand's Swedish origins. The target group comprises both fashion conscious consumers and quality conscious individualists. Marc O'Polo has carved out a successful position in the premium casual sector with its creative, high-quality products.

The range represented by Bollag-Guggenheim Fashion Group includes Marc O’Polo casual women- and menswear, accessories, shoes and Campus. 

The company values are based on the keywords Natural, Quality, Innovation, Personality, and Simplicity.

The History Marc O’Polo
The history of the Marc O’Polo Company begins in Sweden and soon achieves international success. 1967 Marc O'Polo was founded in Stockholm by the Swedes Rolf Lind and Göte Huss and American Jerry O'Sheets. The success of the brand bases on the brilliant idea of the three founders: Only the use of natural materials, as cotton, wool, linen and silk grants the modern casual look, Marc O’Polo stands for. Synthetics are only used if absolutely necessary. 

1997 Werner Böck takes over a further near-40% of the Swedish parent company and founds “Marc O'Polo International GmbH”, responsible for design, production, purchasing, marketing and international sales. The company headquarters are relocated from Stockholm, Sweden to Stephanskirchen, Germany.